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All the Latest SIOC Stuff

There's been quite a few happenings in the "siocosphere" during the past month:

  1. Christoph Goern posted some details about how to enable SIOC output for a community site such as a planet aggregator; I hope to work on this myself WRT Planet PHP.

How to Make Stuctured Blogging Popular...

I'm currently enhancing the blogging section of our tutorial for the World Wide Web conference next week with more information on Structured Blogging, and having installed the SIOC WordPress plugin on a WordPress MU-powered site I run, I've realised that Structured Blogging isn't going to take off by just providing plugins for single-user blogging pl

New Version of WP SIOC Plugin from CaptSolo

Announcement from CaptSolo about a new version of his WordPress SIOC plugin:

New version of the WordPress SIOC plugin is available at:

This plugin exports SIOC metadata from the WordPress weblog engine. The SIOC vocabulary is defined in

This is a fully functional development (beta testing) version. Please use it and report comments, suggestions and bugs to the mailing list. Once the feedback confirms it is OK, it will be put on the SIOC website.

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