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Microformats and SIOC

(Got a chance to finish this idea during BlogTalk Reloaded today! I just needed some more inspiration...)

It's been a year since I last took a look at the overlap between the SIOC Project and Microformats (mf). I've been trying to catch up with recent developments, especially the cite-rel draft by Ryan King and Eran Globen.

SIOC one page guides in PDF format

We've created a series of three one-page summaries for those new to SIOC:

1: Executive Summary

2: User's Guide


Alex mentioned that may be some confusion between foaf:Person and sioc:User - I hope that this picture showing the alignments between SIOC, FOAF and SKOS will help to clarify that a foaf:Person can own many sioc:User profiles (via the foaf:holdsOnlineAccount relationship). I have also included some connections from SIOC to the SKOS ontology (aliman, hope you don't mind the logo!).

SIOC project moves to new home at


We've recently moved the SIOC pages from a subdirectory at to its own site at:

On the advice of the SIOC community, we believe that having its own domain will improve the visibility of SIOC, and will allow better linkage to other projects such as FOAF. The ontology itself (namespace, specification) will remain at

All comments welcome - thanks!

All the Latest SIOC Stuff

There's been quite a few happenings in the "siocosphere" during the past month:

  1. Christoph Goern posted some details about how to enable SIOC output for a community site such as a planet aggregator; I hope to work on this myself WRT Planet PHP.

How to Make Stuctured Blogging Popular...

I'm currently enhancing the blogging section of our tutorial for the World Wide Web conference next week with more information on Structured Blogging, and having installed the SIOC WordPress plugin on a WordPress MU-powered site I run, I've realised that Structured Blogging isn't going to take off by just providing plugins for single-user blogging pl

SIOC Plugin Enabled at

For those interested in crawling RDF metadata, I've installed Uldis' SIOC plugin for WordPress at This is automatically enabled for all blogs.

New Version of WP SIOC Plugin from CaptSolo

Announcement from CaptSolo about a new version of his WordPress SIOC plugin:

New version of the WordPress SIOC plugin is available at:

This plugin exports SIOC metadata from the WordPress weblog engine. The SIOC vocabulary is defined in

This is a fully functional development (beta testing) version. Please use it and report comments, suggestions and bugs to the mailing list. Once the feedback confirms it is OK, it will be put on the SIOC website.

SIOC Plugin for DotClear

Alexandre Passant has released a SIOC plugin for the DotClear blogging platform... Excellent!

Plugin SIOC pour Dotclear - Alexandre Passant

New Versions of vBFriends / vBFOAF for vBulletin 3.5

I've updated both the vBFOAF RDF metadata producer and vBFriends social network browser extensions for vBulletin 3.5.

This has been useful because I've learned a bit about how the new "hook" system works in vBulletin 3.5, and can use this for my next two add-ons that I'm planning to implement next week: a forum post tagger (using Freetag) and a SIOC RDF metadata exporter (which will also export these tags).

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