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Microformats and SIOC

(Got a chance to finish this idea during BlogTalk Reloaded today! I just needed some more inspiration...)

It's been a year since I last took a look at the overlap between the SIOC Project and Microformats (mf). I've been trying to catch up with recent developments, especially the cite-rel draft by Ryan King and Eran Globen.

Testing Second Life...

...or "I admit, I didn't pay attention during someone's BlogTalk presentation today!"

I've heard so much about Second Life (from the recreated virtual Dublin city centre to the live concert held there by Duran Duran), and today people were on about it again in the BlogTalk IRC back channel - so I signed up today to give it a go.

+3B-BB=1B:( Away at BarCampIreland, EGM and BlogTalk Reloaded

Yes, it may look like some geek code, but the three Bs are the three events I've been attending this weekend:

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