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New start date for the SIOC Data competition...

...will be the 1st September. I sincerely apologise for the delay; due to technical difficulties (we needed a signup mechanism in place), my holidays during the first two weeks of August, and settling into the new job.

DERI, NUI Galway launches the SIOC Data Competition

Please note that the start date for this competition has been delayed while we install a secure authentication mechanism for accessing the data sets

David Price ( visits DERI

We had a presentation at DERI today from David Price, one of the people behind the argumentation visualisation site Debategraph. Since modelling and visualising argumentative discussions is something that we have wanted to do in DERI with SIOC for some time, this talk was very interesting to us.

Bits and pieces: SMOB 2nd Prize in SFSW / Drupal Ireland on Saturday / Wikipedia on OLPC

Semantic Microblogging wins 2nd prize in the Scripting for the Semantic Web challenge!

My week in California

I had a nice productive week in San Jose / San Francisco last week, where I attended the Semantic Technologies Conference 2008 (SemTech 2008) and some other nearby events. SemTech 2008 had a record attendance of over 1000 people, and it was great to meet up with old friends and new (some of whom I had often conversed with online but not in real life).

SemTech sessions related to data portability / IEEE Computing article on portable data

It's been a busy few weeks for with announcements from many sides including Google (Friend Connect), Facebook (Connect) and MySpace (Data Availability). Next week, the Semantic Technologies Conference will be held in San Jose, California, and you can bet that discussions around the need for portable data will be scattered throughout.

  • On Monday, Stefan, Uldis and I will present a tutorial (which will also cover data portability aspects of ontologies such as SIOC and FOAF) entitled "The Future of Social Networks: The Need for Semantics".
  • On Monday evening at 8 PM, there will be an informal meetup of some people in the Fairmont Hotel's Lobby Lounge, so if you have an interest in data portability, feel free to join us.
  • On Tuesday at 7:15 AM, I will chair a "Data Portability Interest Group" meeting. Attendees will include Chris Saad, Daniela Barbosa, Henry Story, and yours truly.
  • Then on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 PM, Jim Benedetto, Senior Vice President of Technology with MySpace will talk about "Data Availability at MySpace".

Last month, IEEE Computing published an article by Karen Heyman entitled "The Move to Make Social Data Portable". I was interviewed for the piece along with Michael Pick (social media expert), Duncan Riley (b5media), John McCrea (Plaxo), Craig Knoblock (ISI), Chris Saad (, Dave Treadwell (Microsoft), Kevin Marks (Google), Chris Kelly (Facebook), Marc Canter (Broadband Mechanics), and Bill Washburn (OpenID). Technology solutions mentioned included RSS, OpenID, OAuth, microformats, RDF, APML, SIOC and FOAF. Here are my original answers to Karen's questions.

I wish I was going to XTech 2008 in Dublin...

...but unfortunately due to a major review here next week, I have a lot of presentation preparation to do.

Anyway, if I were going to XTech 2008 tomorrow in Dublin, here's what I'd go to see (thanks to the XTech 2008 personal scheduler):

9:45 Wednesday, 7 May 2008
Opening keynote
David Recordon (Six Apart)

11:00 Wednesday, 7 May 2008
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