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Testing Second Life...

...or "I admit, I didn't pay attention during someone's BlogTalk presentation today!"

I've heard so much about Second Life (from the recreated virtual Dublin city centre to the live concert held there by Duran Duran), and today people were on about it again in the BlogTalk IRC back channel - so I signed up today to give it a go.

+3B-BB=1B:( Away at BarCampIreland, EGM and BlogTalk Reloaded

Yes, it may look like some geek code, but the three Bs are the three events I've been attending this weekend: Map

Here's a map showing where people are buying and selling items using, powered by Google Maps. To get locations for each county, I used John Handelaar's town/city to geocode utility for Ireland and IShareMaps town/city to geocode utility for the UK (for Northern Ireland), along with the names of the county towns from Wikipedia.


"Website is curbed in Oxegen row", Evening Herald, 26th July 2006

LEGAL THREAT: MCD stung by criticism

Website is curbed in Oxegen row

Evening Herald, 26th July 2006

by Mark Hilliard

MCD has sent a solicitor's letter to a popular website after several users criticised conditions at the Oxegen music festival.

Concert goers had flooded the site with numerous allegations relating to a range of anti-social incidents in the camp sites. Now Ireland’s Busiest Certified Property Site Now Ireland’s Busiest Certified Property Site

I read with interest the snippet in yesterday's Sunday Times business section that is now Ireland's #1 website, according to certified traffic audited by ABC Electronic.

No-One Left to Argue With? There's Always the Reliable Jackeen-Culchie Divide...

Today FM's Ray D'Arcy Show (or rather Tuesday guest griper Ian O'Doherty) gave a passing mention to two days ago and the usual tensions between those members who are from the capital and those who are not.

Unlikely Coincidence When Searching for an Image...

I gave a presentation to the Galway Heritage Forum on our Wiki Ireland project this morning. Something strange happened to me last night when I was looking for a picture for one of my slides. I did a Google search for "Irish heritage" and glanced through the first page of results for something that looked like it might fit in, and spotted a Celtic cross (thumbnail #12 below).

Heart of Africa Brand Concept

Traidlinks - Promoting Enterprise and in the Developing World

Heard from bhg that Jacobs Fruitfield are launching a new brand concept, Heart of Africa, with the aim of promoting enterprise in Uganda and other African nations. Sounds like a great idea; the produce will be on sale nationwide in over 100 leading retail outlets soon, with the official launch on July 13th. Moves up to #13 in Ireland

Alexa Web Search - Top 500

Well it can't really keep on going upwards for much longer, but I'll keep blogging about it as long as moves up the ladder of Ireland's most popular sites:)

I think that our recent success is due in no small part to the help of BoardTracker and their integrated searching system, which I'll talk about shortly.

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