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BlogTalk 2008 deadline extended by a week

We've extended the proposal submission deadline for BlogTalk 2008 by one week.

You now have until 23rd November, 2007 to submit your 2-4 page paper proposal.


The Future of Social Networks on the Internet: The Need for Semantics

Stefan and I wrote an article entitled "The Future of Social Networks on the Internet: The Need for Semantics" for the IEEE Internet Computing magazine. It was published yesterday (1st November). You can read an extract and see a rendered copy below.

Please donate to the Concern flood appeals

I'd like to put out a call to donate to Concern and aid the current flood crises in Africa and South Asia. Thanks!

Silicon Republic: "Online networking for the challenged"

Meant to quote this interview with Marie Boran that was published last week about our forthcoming site...

Online networking for the challenged

27.08.2007 - Social networking fans in Ireland can look forward to a site catering especially for them, as John Breslin, creator of the popular portal is currently working on a platform that will combine all the spin-off functions including blogs, ‘friends’ lists, events and photo albums.

World Cyber Games Ireland finals

Just had lunch with Richard and John, and talked about the upcoming World Cyber Games Ireland finals which will be held on the 15th and 16th of September. It sounds like it's going to be a great two days, and only for a family wedding I'd pop up for a look... You can register at for the event.

Zimbie - notify and get notified about content via IM

I was talking this morning to Sean from Zimbie, a spinoff from WIT's TSSG group, about their Zimbie applications and services. Although it took me a while to get my head around it, and it is still in early stages, Zimbie is a nice idea whereby you can send notifications via IM to anyone who is interested in your blog or other online content (at the moment, it mainly works through RSS updates but I am told it will be extended to include other update methods).

On this day...

...August 1st, 1774: the British scientist Joseph Priestley discovered the chemical element oxygen, corroborating the prior discovery of this element by German-Swedish pharmaceutical chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

(Oxegene is one of my favourite albums, and 1774 was my old member ID in the World DX Club.)

Multime: A documentary about Bebo

I was interviewed by the Multime group in DCU for this documentary on Bebo recently. Enjoy the video (in two parts) below.

Another year, another style

Another year (for me at least), and time for another WordPress style (now using Blue-K2)! Thanks to everyone for their wishes and to those who spotted my birthday on Skype - I was surprised to hear from friends old and new who obviously got a message when they logged in...

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