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Major hardware and software upgrade complete

What a stressful but productive afternoon / evening. We migrated's MySQL databases to our new database server, and took the opportunity to upgrade the site to the latest version of vBulletin.

Our new server is a bit of a beast - it has two 1.86GHz quad-core Xeons (eight processor cores), 16GB of RAM, and six 146GB SAS 15k rpm hard drives in RAID 1+0.

Thanks to regi and all at for their support and patience today.

Another two weeks of, another 10 posts!

Again, here are the links to and summaries of my most recent 10 posts on events: now with Google Maps and sign-up lists / Net Visionary Awards

Vote in the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2007 Firstly, thank you to all our beta testers to date. The site has been nominated in the IIA Net Visionary Awards 2007 for "Web Developer Excellence"! Voting is now open if you want to support us...

IT Association of Galway Announce Fidelity Investments Technology Conference Details… 'Enriching the Internet Experience'

I will be speaking at this event in two weeks time...

It was announced today that Fidelity Investments and Terra Nua in collaboration with ITAG are hosting a technology conference 'Enriching the Internet Experience' on the 18th of October in the Ardilaun Hotel. We invite you to join us for this prestigious event.

On the 18th of October you will leave with the answers and information to the question: 'Where do the predominantly social Web 2.0 applications fit within an Enterprise 2.0 structure?' on front page of Irish Times: "Security flaw leaves Eircom customers open to hackers"


Security flaw leaves Eircom customers open to hackers

John Collins

Up to a quarter of a million Eircom customers could be inadvertently sharing their broadband connections with strangers due to a security flaw in products supplied by the telecoms company.

Please donate to the Concern flood appeals

I'd like to put out a call to donate to Concern and aid the current flood crises in Africa and South Asia. Thanks!

Two weeks of

It's been two weeks since I launched and since then I've been trying to make one post a day. I just wanted to say thanks for all your feedback so far, and I hope that you will continue to find it of interest.

Here are links to and summaries of some of the recent posts:

BarCamp Galway aftermath

Had a brilliant day on Saturday: great talks and panels, quality food, good weather, and fun networking in the Westwood afterwards. Overall, I enjoyed BarCamp Galway, and I want to again thank our helpers, speakers, attendees, and especially our sponsors - without whom the day could not have happened in the manner it did (t-shirts, pens, paper, coffees, buns, lunches, biscuits, drink and nibbles).


Talk streams for BarCamp Galway

After some brainstorming with Conor and Ed yesterday, we came up with the following "streams" for BarCamp Galway, each of which will be held in one of our three rooms:

  1. Tales from the Front Line (Share Experiences)
  2. Boot Camp (Gain Expertise)
  3. The Great Escape (Breakout Sessions)

Three panels for BarCamp Galway

We're organising three panels for BarCamp Galway, one or all of which hopefully will appeal to various audiences:

  • Academics - "If I’m so smart, why am I being paid so little?" – What it means to be a computer researcher - Organised by Ed
  • Practitioners - "I’ve got this great website, but nobody’s using it" – How to grow a community presence - Organised by Ina
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